When used as a noun it’s easy to define.  So why does the same word conjure up so much confusion and contradiction when used as a verb.  Dieting has become a bit of a dirty word of late.  Associated mainly with fads.  However, it shouldn’t be. Especially for those with a nutritional goal such as improving sport performance, injury rehabilitation, fat burning or even just maintaining optimal health. Implementing the correct diet can vastly improve your success and sometimes it’s imperative to it.

So, what is the science diet blog?

Feast your eyes on content that delivers the science behind food in bite sized chunks. Delicious! Use the tools provided to help you achieve your nutritional goals and gain understanding of how you got there. The ultimate goal of the science diet blog is to spark an interest in nutrition for every reader.

Elliott John, Sci-Di Creator

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to eat. That’s right “eat”, not “been into sport or fitness and blah blah blah”... Pure and simply I love food!

I was overweight growing up. Like so many before me, I had tried and hated dieting. Eventually I would always finish up the same weight or sometimes even heavier. I wanted to know where I was going wrong. This was where my fascination of nutrition took hold. With a new outlook on “diet” my weight loss goals were both achievable and sustainable. With this came a newly found confidence. I was hooked.


In pursuit of nutritional knowledge, I decided to study it at university and was delighted to find that what sparked my interest was just the tip of the iceberg. I delved deeper into the worlds of sports performance, weight management and public health.  Following my graduation I had a clear goal in mind.  I wanted to spread my knowledge and empower others through my passion for nutrition.  I'm proud to provide a service that enables others to achieve their nutritional goals. Given the opportunity I'd love to help you. Maybe almost as much as I love food!