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Breaded Sardines with Tomato Rice

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This recipe is part of my "calorie counting 101" selection. Calorie counting WILL provide the best results, whatever your weight management goal. Whilst there are many apps available to make this process easy, I've decided to make things even easier for myself (and for you, of course). Why? Because I'm busy (possibly just lazy, you decide). How? Well, that's simple. I'm providing a selection of ≈500 kcal meals and ≈100 kcal snacks, because maths was never my strong point but I can just about manage simple arithmetic using 1's and 5's.

Macronutrient Breakdown

Energy ≈ 532 kcals

Fat ≈ 21 g

Of Which Saturates ≈ 4 g

Carbohydrate ≈ 53 g

Of Which Sugars ≈ 7 g

Fibre ≈ 4 g

Protein ≈ 30 g

Non-discretionary salt ≈ 1.1 g

Micronutrient Highlights

High in Vitamin B12 Source of Vitamin B6

Source of Vitamin D Source of Calcium

Source of Chloride

Source of Niacin Source of Selenium

Source of Phosphorus


95g Sardines Tinned in Olive oil, Drained

55 g of Long Grain Rice, Dry

85g Tomato

80g Courgette

30g Onion

10g Panko Breadcrumbs

1 Garlic Clove

1 ½ tsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Balsamic Vinegar

1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

¼ tsp Parsley, Dried

¼ tsp Garlic powder

5 g Fresh Basil

Season with Black Pepper to taste


  1. Bring a small saucepan up to a medium heat.

  2. Rinse the rice in a sieve and leave aside for later.

  3. Dice the onion and garlic. Cut the courgette into cubes and set aside for later.

  4. Dice the tomatoes and add to a bowl with the vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Season with salt to taste and set aside for later.

  5. Add the breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic powder to a shallow bowl or plate and mix evenly.

  6. Coat the sardines in the breadcrumb mix and set aside for later. Dispose of leftover breadcrumbs.

  7. Preheat the oven grill on high


  1. Add the oil in the pan and allow to heat up momentarily. Add the courgette, onion and garlic and stir-fry until softened.

  2. Add the tomato mix and stir for 1-2 minutes. Add the rice, and coat it completely with the oily mixture.

  3. Add 140 mL of water, turn up the heat and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook until the water is fully soaked into the rice / evaporated (roughly 10 minutes). Stir constantly and be carful not to burn.

  4. Place the sardined under the grill for 5 minutes, turning half way.

  5. Serve up the rice into a bowl, then gently place the sardines on top.

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