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Cauliflower and Quinoa Satay Style : Red Label

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Macronutrient Breakdown

Energy 741 kcals

Fat ≈ 27 g

Of Which Saturates ≈ 5 g

Carbohydrate ≈ 87 g

Of Which Sugars ≈ 16 g

Fibre ≈ 19 g

Protein ≈ 30 g

Non-discretionary Salt ≈ 0.5 g

Micronutrient Breakdown

This meal is part of our 'foundations' blog. The blog explains explains what nutrients are. and why they're so important. It demonstrates how the guidelines can be met via food and provide ideas of how to implement it all into a diet to achieve a “healthy balance”. This red labelled meal focuses on Iron (the second most common nutrient deficiency in the UK) uptake. This recipe can be consumed as one of three meals to optimise nutrient bioavailability in your body. Make one of the remaining two meals a yellow label recipe to focus on Vitamin D (the most common nutrient deficiency in the UK) and Calcium uptake. Make the other a blue label recipe to cover the remaining electrolytes, antioxidants, A and B vitamins and essential minerals to ensure metabolic and physiological functions are all running smoothly. Click here to read more on the functional theory behind it.


145 g of Red & White Quinoa Dry

½ (or roughly 80 g of) a Red Bell Pepper

70 g of Cauliflower Florets

30 g of Almond Butter

1 Large (or roughly 20 g of) Chilli Pepper

1 Large Handful (or roughly 8 g) of Coriander

1 tsp (or roughly 5 g) of Grated Ginger

1 tsp (or roughly 3 g) of Coconut Oil

1 tsp (or roughly 2 g) of Ground Cumin

Season with *Salt and Black Pepper to taste

* Avoid added salt intake >2 g per day.


  1. Fill a kettle with water and boil for later use.

  2. Add quinoa to a medium sized saucepan and place on hob for later.

  3. Add Coconut oil to a medium sized frying pan and place on hob for later.

  4. Thinly slice the cauliflower florets.

  5. Dice the red bell pepper into small squares.

  6. Slice one half of the chilli pepper into discs then finely chop the remaining half.

  7. Pull some coriander leaves from their stalk and set set to one side with the chilli pepper discs.

  8. Finely chop the remaining coriander.


  1. Pour 600 g of boiling water into the saucepan and bring back to the boil.

  2. Reduce to a medium heat and cook the quinoa for 12 minutes.

  3. When 5 minutes of cooking time remains, heat the frying pan on high and add the cauliflower.

  4. Stir-fry the cauliflower for 1 minute before adding the diced peppers.

  5. Stir-fry for a further minute and add the finely chopped chilli.

  6. Stir-fry for 1 minute, add the ginger, cumin and coriander then reduce to a low heat immediately.

  7. Stir-fry for a final minute then stir in almond butter.

  8. Drain the saucepan and plate up quinoa.

  9. Empty the contents of frying pan onto the quinoa then garnish with chilli pepper discs and coriander leaves.

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