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Harissa Salmon and Chickpeas

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This recipe is part of my "calorie counting 101" selection. Calorie counting WILL provide the best results, whatever your weight management goal. Whilst there are many apps available to make this process easy, I've decided to make things even easier for myself (and for you, of course). Why? Because I'm busy (possibly just lazy, you decide). How? Well, that's simple. I'm providing a selection of ≈500 kcal meals and ≈100 kcal snacks, because maths was never my strong point but I can just about manage simple arithmetic using 1's and 5's.

Macronutrient Breakdown

Energy ≈ 491 kcals

Fat ≈ 26 g

Of Which Saturates ≈ 4 g

Carbohydrate ≈ 21 g

Of Which Sugars ≈ 5 g

Fibre ≈ 8 g

Protein ≈ 38 g

Non-discretionary salt ≈ 0.3 g

Micronutrient Highlights

High in Vitamin D

High in Vitamin B12

High in Vitamin K

Source of Vitamin E

Source of Manganese

Source of Phosphorus


1 average sized (roughly 140g) darne of fresh salmon

½ 400g Tin of chickpeas

25g Plain Greek Yogurt 0% Fat

20g Pomegranate seeds

20g Spinach

1 bunch of parsley

¼ Segment of Lemon

1 tsp Harissa paste

½ tsp Chilli flakes

½ tsp Garlic infused extra virgin olive oil

Season with Black Pepper to taste


  1. Finely chop the parsley.

  2. Mix the yogurt, olive oil, chilli flakes, parsley and lemon juice together in a large bowl.

  3. Drain the chickpeas and stir into the yogurt mix.

  4. Remove mixture onto your serving plate and set aside for later.

  5. Preheat a baking tray in the oven at 190ºC / Fan 170ºC (ignore if using pre-cooked salmon).

  6. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.


  1. Brush the salmon fillet with the Harissa oil.

  2. Loosely wrap the salmon darne in foil to form a parcel. Place on the preheated baking tray and cook for 18-23 minutes.

  3. Blanch the spinach for 10 seconds in the boiling water and remove immediately into a separate bowl.

  4. Place the spinach over the chickpeas then top with the salmon.

  5. Scatter the pomegranate seeds over the top.

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